February 7, 2020

New Cocoa beans processor and Chocolate ingredients supplier in Mission is opening soon

The owner of a new chocolate manufacturer called Emkao Foods has chosen the District of Mission as its headquarters to produce high quality, affordable organic cocoa products to Canadian customers. “We chose Mission because it is in the heart of the Fraser Valley growing area and is very supportive to local business startups” says, CEO Ayissi Nyemba. Ayissi is both a woman entrepreneur and a recent immigrant to Canada who is passionate about producing organic and direct-trade products that are both kind to the planet and fair to African cocoa bean growers.

Emkao is unique in that it sources all its cocoa beans from its own family farm in Cameroon. This allows it to have full control over product quality and to provide long term growing contracts to its farmers so they have a secure source of income. “We want to be the most sustainable and ethical cocoa beans processor and chocolate ingredients supplier in Canada” says Ayissi. Fortunately, demand for fair-trade organic cocoa is growing strongly as consumers become more aware of and concerned about where their food comes from. “As evidence, we already have orders for our chocolate ingredients.

While Ayissi has successfully raised over $500,000 to purchase most of the manufacturing equipments and, build the factory needed to process her cocoa beans into different chocolate ingredients.

She plans to host an official public launch with some workshops and Factory tour as a thank you to her new local community that has welcomed her to Canada. For more information about Emkao Foods, go to

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Ayissi Nyemba, Founder & CEO of Emkao FOODS INC.

Email:         Phone: 604-401-5742