October 13, 2020

As a featured exhibitor at the event, tna will be hosting two live interactive sessions, giving attendees the opportunity to ask questions, share challenges and engage with tna packaging and processing specialists in real-time. The sessions will be led by our experts in partnership with special guest speakers from some of our valued customers, who will share their unique insights into how tna’s market-leading solutions have helped them take their food production activities to the next level. Please see more details below:

Tuesday 10 November, 2:45pm Central Time (US & Canada):

Double Your Output and Minimize TCO on Snack Lines in a Fast-Changing Marketplace

Hosted by Adam Holloway – Regional Sales Manager, tna North America

Special guest hosts:

  • Bill Benzel – Project Engineer III, Campbell’s Snacks
  • Marty Van Duyn – CEO, World Food Products

Join leaders from Campbell’s Snacks (Snyder’s) and World Food Products alongside tna packaging experts, to discover how they turned packaging speed and flexibility into solutions for increasing production volumes and meeting changing market demands, while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

Wednesday 11 November, 2:45 PM Central Time (US & Canada):

Reduce Your Raw Material / Utility Costs and Footprint with Precision Snack Processing

Hosted by Daniel Luna - Processing Solution Specialist, tna North America

A lot goes into creating the perfect bite: In this interactive session, experts from leading snacks producers and tna will highlight the many benefits of an integrated processing line – from minimising raw material and utility costs, to improving efficiency at every step of snack production.

Attendees will have the option of accessing the sessions in real time or on demand via a recording published after the event. Meet tna experts at Pack Expo and register here for tna’s interactive sessions.


(Ottawa) October 8, 2020 – Now, more than ever, Canadians want their food to be grown and processed here at home and encourage government support of the country's agri-food sector. A sentiment heard loud and clear in a recent survey completed by Abacus Data on behalf of the Dairy Processors Association of Canada (DPAC).

Almost all (82%) of Canadians support the government doing more to encourage investment in Canada’s farming and food processing sectors, and feel that the government should at least play some role in ensuring that grocery companies are treating suppliers and consumers fairly.

dpac logo H 800x267DPAC, along with other agri-food groups have highlighted one particular barrier to investment and innovation in Canadian food processing sector: the practices of Canada’s largest grocery retailers.

With just five large chains controlling more than 80% of Canada’s grocery market, retailers are able to unilaterally dictate the terms of business with their food suppliers. Arbitrary fees and penalties, and not adhering to terms of contracts increases the costs of getting products to Canadians, decreases incentives for food processing investment and innovation, and reduces Canada’s ability to have a strong domestic food processing sector.

Food processors are not alone in questioning the impact of this type of imbalance. Canadians also think that more could be done to improve the food supply chain and aren’t sure they’re getting the best deal on their grocery bills.

 -  79% of Canadians feel that having a small number of grocery chains competing results in grocery prices being higher than they need to be

-  87% would support the Canadian government playing at least some role in ensuring that grocery retailers are treating food suppliers and consumers fairly

DPAC, along with others in the food processing and farming sectors, have called for the introduction of a Grocery Code of Conduct to address heavy-handed behaviours of Canada’s largest grocery retailers. Similar measures taken by others have helped to create balanced, competitive environments which strengthen the domestic food supply and encourage agri-food investment. For consumers, measures to balance supplier-retailer relationships have slowed increases in the cost of food at a rate of 12-14% less than in Canada.

Almost all (89%) Canadians agree that it’s important that Canada has a strong domestic food supply chain so that we don’t have to rely on products made in other countries.

To this end, DPAC believes that an important first step toward this goal is the introduction of a Grocery Code of Conduct.


October 8, 2020

A rental scheme launches globally today which gives manufacturers a cost-effective way of benefitting from high quality, turnkey coding solutions. Scalable and customized to their exact requirements, it covers all hardware, software, and consumables needed to code products, cases and pallets, with no upfront investment only a fixed, periodic fee.

The new program gives manufacturers the flexibility to build a coding solution that meets their particular production challenges and business goals, while adapting easily to changing market demand. They can choose to add or upgrade equipment when needed, include software for automation, and make certain they have the right consumables at the right time, to ensure high quality prints with predictable costs and simplified operations. Companies can achieve a faster return on investment (ROI) and release cashflow for core business investments.

Confidence 360 consists of three elements. Coding 360 is the heart of the program and offers flexible rental of equipment, while the optional Packaging Intelligence 360 and Supplies 360 extend the offer to include advanced production control software and convenient sourcing of consumables.

Easy access to cutting-edge technology

Coding 360 offers easy access to the market’s most comprehensive range of printers and coders. The scheme provides equipment replacements and upgrades every three to five years, ensuring manufacturers always benefit from the most cutting-edge technology.

Budgeting is made easier with a fixed monthly or quarterly payment, removing the need for a single upfront investment and turning a capital cost into a more manageable operational expense. This helps achieve a faster ROI and releases funds for more important business priorities. It also allows manufacturers to get the solutions they need without being concerned about the full purchase price.

As part of the program, Markem-Imaje provides certified installations, user training and operator assistance, together with the option of premium services such as preventive maintenance visits, parts and a 24/7 helpdesk (the latter subject to local availability).

Intelligence to boost productivity

Packaging Intelligence lets manufacturers add digital solutions to their printers and coders to improve productivity and accuracy. Markem-Imaje offers software, cameras and software support agreements, allowing digital control of data, coding, and packaging.

Applications available include product tracking, promotional coding, serialization, line management, overall equipment effectiveness, pallet tracking, coding integrity and packaging integrity.

The result is improved line efficiency, brand protection and compliance, with minimum waste and errors.

Simpler supply management

Supplies 360 makes it easy to get genuine Markem-Imaje inks and other consumables, avoiding cheaper alternatives that are not calibrated for the selected equipment and thus cannot offer the same print quality and may lead to unplanned downtime.

The program ensures business continuity and reduced ownership costs by ensuring plants are using the most cost-efficient and effective consumables to maximize printer availability and performance.

“Modular and flexible, Confidence 360 helps manufacturers find the ideal balance between quality and cost, maximizing their investment returns. It also gives them total peace of mind and ensures they can easily evolve their coding solution as their needs change,” says Viktor Hermansson, Global Marketing and Communications Manager. “We actually trialed the solution in a few European countries. Customer feedback was so overwhelmingly positive that we decided to make it available globally.”



SIAL 2020 Virtual H 800x355

The 17th edition of the International Food & Beverage Tradeshow (SIAL Canada) and its section for the equipment and technology sectors (SET Canada) was 100% virtual this year, allowing the industry to come together and do business despite the restrictions in place. The show was held from September 28 to October 2 as Food Week, and this extraordinary edition ended on a remarkably successful note!

Download full press release here

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October 7, 2020

Updated, sustainable cloud platform from Danfoss will increase store efficiency

Danfoss has updated and enhanced its service offering to create a more sustainable, scalable and secure cloud-based portal for managing food retail operations. Previously known as Danfoss Enterprise Services (DES), Alsense™ is optimized to provide new levels of efficiency. Supermarkets and food retail stores can reduce their net energy consumption by up to 30% with Alsense, saving money and reducing food waste.

”We’re excited to introduce this fully connected service platform featuring a modern interface and powerful capabilities,” says Peter Dee, Sales Director Food Retail, North America. ”By providing insights and recommendations backed by real-time data, food retail customers can manage their refrigeration, HVAC and other IoT assets more efficiently and reduce expenses related to energy costs and food waste.”

Increased efficiency and streamlined performance

All services are integrated into one hub, offering a seamless user experience and added functionalities. Some of these functionalities include:

  • Actionable insights — Alsense delivers relevant, easy-to-digest insights. This allows customers to take corrective actions faster, significantly reducing food and energy waste.
  • Increased security and availability — Alsense allows for easy expansion to different regions, with higher serviceability and a new VPN structure for added security.
  • Improved performance and stability — The new service platform on Microsoft Azure provides smoother service operation, faster reaction to alarms, reduced nuisance alarms and higher asset uptime.
  • Dynamic feature roadmap — This provides customers with continued enhancements based on real-time feedback.
  • Responsive portal — Whether on a mobile device, tablet or desktop, users will experience a seamless, responsive portal. This increases ease of use and accessibility to necessary information at a desk or on the go.

Trusted partnership

With the updated Alsense platform, customers can depend on the combined expertise of two notable enterprises. Danfoss brings more than 80 years of engineering and mechanical experience to its cloud-based services enabled by the new platform powered by Microsoft Azure. Microsoft has the trusted security, scalability and sustainability that customers have come to expect in their digital tools.

Danfoss and Microsoft announced the partnership in October 2019. The new Alsense platform is the first of many solutions to come from this IoT collaboration. “With Alsense Danfoss have proven the ability to understand and tackle device diversity and connectivity challenges of the food retail industry and deliver tangible benefits with an IoT platform that reduces operational costs and energy savings. This is how we empower enterprises to deliver sustainability through the smart use of technology.” said Nina Lund, EMEA Retail & Consumer Goods Lead at Microsoft.

Existing DES customers will experience the added value of Alsense via an automatic update on the current platform. New customers can explore the solutions that best fit their needs by contacting a sales representative.

For additional information, please visit


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